About BonarPure


About BonarPure

BonarPure® is a Low & Bonar premium product brand used in filtration and separation markets for applications like cabin air filtration, home air purifiers, industrial air filters, liquid filters, odor control and (waste) water treatment solutions.

The BonarPure® brand reflects the company’s commitment to its customers by providing “Pure Performance” via high performing solutions, collaborative partnerships, deep integrity and customer service. Customers are supported with sales offices and production in Europe, North America and China.

Our promise is to provide the highest performing solutions and industry leading technical expertise through long-lasting relationships and value-added improvements. 

BonarPure's products are backed by ongoing research and development and extensive testing through three Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Centers in Asheville (North Carolina, United States), Arnhem (the Netherlands) and Lokeren (Belgium). These R, D & I centers actively support the growth objectives of the entire Low & Bonar Group by developing innovative performance engineered products for current and new customers and markets.

Low & Bonar PLC is based in London and is on the London Stock Exchange. L&B is a global leader in performance materials through manufacturing, research, and sales facilities in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Learn more at http://www.lowandbonar.com.